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Welcome to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Administration team website.  We are part of the Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) group and are a team of highly skilled PeopleSoft Administrators (PSAdmins) and Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) who provide support and services to customers throughout the University of Wisconsin system.  We support multiple ERP environments including Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Financials (FIN), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Campus Solutions (CS).  We also support a myriad of Oracle database customers utilizing several Oracle versions and applications.  Most of our databases and applications run on high performing Exadata servers within our campus data centers.

The EBS group is comprised of Student Applications, ERP Administration, ERP Planning Application Support, FIN applications, HR applications and the campus-wide deployment of the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) service which includes Salesforce and Learner CRM activities.

"Quotes from recent events"

Thanks to the team for getting this important and challenging part of the audit follow up

Shout out to our SIS Production database! It has been crushing SOAR transactions lately.
Students fill up their class shopping cart, click the enroll button at 9:30 and are done enrolling in just a few minutes.
192 students with 758 enrollments in less than 15 minutes.
Nice job to all who keep our databases happy and healthy

I think this speaks volumes regarding your team’s effort in keeping the system available, stable and operational. 

Thanks to your team…